Видео Red Hot Chili Peppers – I Could Die For You

марта 25, 2014 в рубрике Онлайн видео | Нет комментариев »

I Could Die For You

Something inside the cards
I know is right
Don’t want to live
Somebody elses life
This is what I want to be
And this is what I give to you
Because I get it free
She smiles while I do my time

I could die for you
Oh this life I choose

I’m here to be your only go-between
To tell you of the sights
These eyes have seen
What I really want to do is
Turn it into motion
Beauty that I can’t abuse
You know that I’d use my senses to
You can see that
It’s only everywhere
I’d take it all and then
I’d find a way to share

Come along and go
Along with me
Wander with me yo
It’s all for free

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